Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

back home early tonight, due to a mondo headache. sure, my headache is improving some, but they had already given me the okay to go home, so who's to dispute? certainly not i.

i still had massive shakes by the time i got to work, coupled with massive dizziness, and a bit of nausea. one half hour into my shift, i got to be partner in the Great Computer Theft of 2005.

basically, two women (who claimed they didn't know each other, but turned out to be cousins) came into the store empty-handed. one of them grabbed a $350 printer/camera combo and walked out the door, setting off the alarm. coworker Liz approached her and asked if she could deactivate it and see her receipt. the lady said that she didn't feel like showing her the receipt, and kept walking. at nearly the same time, another coworker said he saw a woman pushing a cart with a computer in it across the parking lot, did anyone just ring her up for it? no.

so manager steve and i went outside. he was talking in his calm steve voice to her, while she was flapping her arms and screeching at him that he was mistreating her because she is blllack. coworker alex, in the meantime, was talking to the camera combo lady, and said that she wouldn't show her receipt. steve told me to stand next to arm flapping giant angry woman and make sure she didn't leave with the computer, and went to the other customer. i made sure to watch the entire thing. he never touched the customer, but touched the merchandise, at which point, the girl started thrashing around and trying to run with the camera. steve handed it to alex and told him to take it inside, and for someone to call the police.

steve then comes over back to angry lady and myself, and asks to see the receipt. she doesn't have no receipt, she says, her husband has it, but this lady here *points at me* was working behind customer service when i came in and she asked me if i needed help! she asked me!!!". i inform her that i've been working in the back of the store my entire shift. fine, give your husband a call, steve says, but in the meantime, we need to ask you to come back inside. the lady turned around to freak out on him again, as coworker joel sneaks up and grabs the computer from behind her.

the police show up, and as i'm the primary witness to both incidents, i'm pulled into the tiny manager's office with two policemen, manager steve, and the screaming women. i feel like i'm in an episode of C.O.P.S., as the camera person was handcuffed, read her rights, and then slammed repeatedly into the door by the police officer, because she isn't following directions and is resisting arrest, all literally 3 feet from where i'm awkwardly standing. the women kept screaming double, triple, quadruple negatives "I AIN'T DID NO NUTHIN! WHY YOU HURTIN ON ME? LISSEN! LISSSEN! I AIN'T SHOWING YOU NO RECEIPT, THIS IS BEYOOOOOND THIS, NOW, YOU PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE!" (to manager steve).

i got to see the game of Good Cop, Bad Cop unfold right before my eyes. the officer that was slamming the girl into the door wouldn't listen to any excuse she gave, asked where her dope was (after pulling out a little baggy of .. stuff.. from her purse in looking for the receipt), had ME go through her purse (awk-waaaaard) to find an officemax receipt, and was a total jerk to her. he searched her and went through her pockets, throwing her change, cell phone and other things on the floor. other officer comes in and says "i totally understand why you're upset, ma'am, but you need to understand it from our point of view... you can feel free to pick up the rest of your belongings, miss." "oh, you want me to crawl on the floor and pick up the stuff like some DOG? he THREW my stuff on the floor. He THREWD IT! i ain't no DOG to be crawlin round for your pleasure!"

neither were taken to jail, and they had to leave the merchandise at the store, pending their coming up with a receipt. the camera girl will be charge with trespassing should we ever see her again.

the whole thing was awkward, as i HATE confrontation of any kind. i was asked questions in front of the women, and then freaking left ALONE with them while they would converse with steve. um, hi. i've always felt i was a bit of an empath, and the whole situation had me shaking even harder in my proverbial shorts.

In other news, i actually have a THREE FREAKING DAY WEEKEND ahead of me. i almost cried in joy when i saw next week's schedule - sun, mon, tues off. even if i work one or two of those days at michael's, it's still glorious.

glorious, i say.

i love having a cat that is ecstatic to see me when i come home.

and TRIPLE SQUEE for coming home and finding a package from belenen sitting on my chair. i put it under the tree - didn't you say we couldn't open them until Christmas? i poked my hand in it to fish out the card and didn't read anything on it that said yay or nay, but it looked like something might be coming unwrapped inside, so i just put the whole giant manilla envelope under the tree! (it's the first thing under there!)


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