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today has been a good day so far. it is hard to type because i'm holding a sticky hot cinnamon rice crispy square in one hand and a slice of cranberry nut fudge n the other. i'm at andrea's house after hitting taste of asia for her birthday lunch and she keeps shoving deliciousness into my grubby little fingers. i have greatly been looking forward to this day, another day that i can spend with those that mean the most to me again. (i sorta wish i would have brought my guitar after all.)

if any of you are local, know andrea, and would like to come to photoshoot birthday party, gimme a call on my cell for info. bring cameras if possible, and whatever props. i brought antlers, cat ears (currently worn by me), santa hats, cape, faery wands, makeup, hair gel, random scarves, and i'm wearing a dress!

and what is everyone doing on monday night? is there still a place (mojo's?) that has karaoke monday night? i neeeed to do karaoke on monday, this is not a request. and you are all invited.

my favorite retelling of a story today:

andrea: oh, teal'c wrote this episode!
joel: how do you know?
andrea: it said so in the credits!
joel: it said 'written by Teal'c'?
andrea: nooo, it said 'written by Christopher Judge
joel: ......
andrea: and that's the actor that plays Teal'c?
joel: stargate nerd.

i gaffawed greatly as i saw in my mind's eye, Teal'c bent over a desk, staff weapon leaning against the wall near him, furiously writing a screenplay, that apathetic look on his face.

my pantyhose is scritching my thighs.

i feel like there is so much i wish to tell you, journal, but i need more caffeine before i do.

in a mood where i want to share my music with the WORLD.

p.s., my favorite sneaky thing that i did recently: sneak onto faetal's computer and add eternitywaiting onto her friend's list. finally confessed when a couple of weeks later, andrea was talking about this fantastic new friend that she so cannot remember adding...

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