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happy day!

thank you for all of the loverly text messages that i woke up to this morning, it made my morning, it did!

woke up from weird dreams, where i almost found myself crying upon waking. i dreamed that we lived a happy, simple life. i had two brothers, one was Charlie from Lost, the other was a tall, lanky dark handsome guy (i almost want to say Dino from Life as We Know it, but it wasn't cute handsome, it was pretty handsome handsome, if that makes sense.) while out travelling, they came across a beautiful woman, Audrey Hepburn. both brothers fell madly in love with her, and she couldn't choose between them, so they ended up with a truce. they could both love her, but neither could have her, although she had become pregnant by the darker of the brothers. most of everything in the dream was .. the dress was much like it would be in a fantasy novel: capes, tunics, and the like. we were all simple farmers, afterall.

war broke out. the brothers and audrey, of course, were part of the rebellion faction, fighting against all that was wrong and evil in the heirarchy. as it came close to the end of her pregnancy, they wanted to bring her home to family. it was a hard, long journey, but thank GOODNESS, Han Solo was there, clearing the way of the evil wrongdoer regency people. they got her home, and she went into labor. at first, i hated her, hated the spell that she seemed to have over my brothers. but as i helped her through her labor, i knew that she would die. i had read this story before, afterall, and knew what was going to happen. i knew the baby would live, that the brothers would raise the baby girl together, but that audrey would never live to see the child. i remember seeing her cramp up in agony as she knew instinctively that something was wrong.

they carried her inside between contractions to rest. i stood outside of our small but lovely home, and said to someone (was it alan rickman?) that i didn't want her to die. i felt the lump in my throat welling up in my sleeping self as i said to him "i don't want her to die. she makes me... BELIEVE.. in things."

and then i woke up. i remember how vibrant the house was as i stood at the other edge of the large lawn, staring at the bright white house with the vivid green forest around it. the grass was so bright that it was almost glowing. all of the vegetation was healthy and growing, which causes me to believe that overall, this was a good dream, that there are realizations to be had about inner child, ideas, dreams, ambitions, settling when it's for the good of all involved.

and i shall use my Audrey icon for this post now. neener. even though anthony looks really creepy behind her. i'm craving me a hepburnathon. i've never had those, but i'm thinking i need one now.
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