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mostly geared towards belenen, but you're welcome to read, too!

ooh, and now for your reading pleasure, i shall open my gift from belenen that has been sitting under the tree! when i lived away from home and mom would send me care packages, i would always wait until i was able to call her on the phone to open them 'in front' of her. thusly, this post is for bel, so that she can witness the events as they're unfolding.

i was only able to get one of them out of the envelope to put under the tree. my brother pulled them out and said that they all looked like they had been opened already, so we left them in there.


okay, hrm. first, the one that i was able to get out of the envelope, wrapping in tact. (i love how everyone is giving me PURPLE things this year. fantastic. even if just the wrapping is purple. rawk.) IT'S A RED GUITAR! a tiny one on a stand, with a dangly pic. RAWK, indeed! ha!

ooh, bacci, you're not helping. thank you for trying, though.

*sets squarish package off to the side*

*sticks hand in envelope* eee! i feel something FUZZY. SOCKS! GAH! THREE PAIRS! GAAAH! blue and white with blue and pink flowers, one that says 'retail therapy', and another FLUFFY soft pair, dark pink and purple. those are SO going on my feet RIGHT NOW. grr, GIMME SOME SCISSORS! meep meep meep *frantically scrambles around for anything that will OPEN HER SOCKS.* *stops to sip coffee* AHA! clippers. GET ON MY FEET! aaaah. (i also have the habit of immediately putting on whatever i get as gifts, sometimes resulting in multi layered, VERY unmatching attire)

okee. good thing i stopped to sip the coffee, as the clippers were right behind it, and i probably wouldn't have found them otherwise. hee hee. so always remember to stop to sip the coffee.

*sticks hand in envelope*

*feels something else squarish* gah, which one do i open first? aww, it's a lovely book with a beautiful note. you're right, bel, at first glance, i DID think "hokey", that exact word you used in your note, in fact, but after reading the wonderful note you put with it, i shall read it fervently and with a open mind and heart. i love you greatly and massively value what you think and believe, and am honored that you would share it with me.

okee... *reaches back into envelope* PURPLE SOCKS! tee hee heeeeee. i LOVE them, thank you! my feet shall be singing your praises for months to come!

now, for the big squarish one...

FANFREAKINGTASTIC!!!! how did you KNOW i needed one of these?!? i had just bought a planner for school, but this one fits so much better for my needs, not to mention the SENTIMENTAL value, so methinks i shall return the other and keep this close to my heart all through my first year in college! it's very beautiful, and i can so see why you would think that it would scream ME! hee hee hee.

aww, my beautiful bel, i love you so durned much! i've grown so much as a person during the one year (only a year! gasp!) that i've known you, hopefully 2006 will finally see us meeting in person!

you also do realize that this means that i have a bit more motivation now to finally get all your stuff back together and finish painting it and stuff, the package i started putting together almost immediately after we met. you INSTANTLY had that much impact on me.

i love you, and hope that you have such an amazing holiday, miluv. you deserve it.

and i just realized the guitar is a note holder. EVEN BETTER! i was highly impressed with it because it was a guitar and SHINY, now it has a USE! hee hee hee.

WOOPS! i missed something! fantastically ODD socks. i live for that, i do. i shall take a picture of my feet with them on soonly, midear!
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