Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

accomplished much today, though i did it at a snail's pace:

- worked! huzzah!
- thwarted another crazy regular shoplifter!
- cashed check
- bought work pants for $6 at Value Village
- bought deworming medicine and treats for poor bacci-boooo
- walked home
- walked cable box and remote back to Comcast, stood in line for approximately one year to fork it over.
- came home and took THREE and a half hour nap. woops!

so basically, i'm up to feed my face and then recrash.

mmm, sleep.

weird dreams that i had become G'ould, and had infiltrated stargate command. they were running all of these tests on me to try to decipher who i had made into G'ould, and who was indeed Tok'ra. that's what i get for watching stuff while half asleep. though jonas quinn did look much cuter when he came back during season 7, although he looks like an everquestrian wood elf. even his ears look pointed. i can almost see the tree painted on his shirt.

wow, i shall stop that sort of talk right now, before you all figure out what a nerd i a really am.

methinks it's an Alias watching night, yo.

methinks this will be my honorary nerd icon. anyone wish to toss some nerdy text on it for me? or something. whenever i see this picture, i think that i'm saying a resounding "YUP!" all i need is a thumbs up.

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