Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

glutton for punishment?

yay, i'm home from work! i know that you are blinking at your clocks as you read this, so i shall let you know.. IT'S TWO THIRTY! a.m....

i was scheduled off at 10 pm this evening, but agreed to stay later, as they had a humongous truck and half the crew called in, the other half had somewhat valid excuses (like having a baby), so i figured i'd help out. i am still quite stiff, but am at least a bit more aware of my surroundings this evening compared to last night.

scheduled for a small 5 hour shift tomorrow, from 1 to 6, though due to short-handedness, i told them i might stay a bit later, depending upon how i felt by the time we closed and the ad was set (as i AM the ad faerie.) i know that most things probably won't be going on until about 10 pm, so we'll see. i feel honored that the overnight supervisor went out of her way to ask me if i would like to hang around. granted, it may be desperation ;)

but gaw, do i love doing freight so much more than customer service. i'm so burned out on giving 1000% for customer service, so i apologize to anyone i was crabby to today. even the nicest person ever could have come up to me and said 'hi! do you happen to carry...' and i would want to respond with a shrieking "WHHHAAAT?!?! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M PUTTING STUFF AWAY?!?" i don't think i was outright rude, though i do feel that a lot of people were inadvertantly greeted with grimaces instead of my usual genuine grin.

anyhoo. one more day and then i get a day off. note to self: do not drink so much tomorrow night, so that you will actually be able to ENJOY sunday - it's the only day you get off before all the hectic-ness begins.

p.s. - the botch is in heat. must spend tax money on getting her nonny fixed. sheesh.

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