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so far, knock on wood, 2006 has begun as a wonderful year.

i counted down the last seconds of 2005 with some of the people that mean the very most to me, in surroundings that had me feeling nothing but comfortable. i either got to talk to, or got messages from, some of the people that mean the most to me that couldn't be here as well.

i got to sleep in (for the most part) and am thankfully not TOO hung over. i'm sure what i do feel can be alleviated by leftover muchos gracias chimichanga and coffee. (dumb caffeine headache.) i'm going to the movies with coworker lori, but i suppose i really should do a bathing ritual. not to mention tame this fro. I AM SEXEH.

apparently, the motto for 2005 had been "Let it Go.", accepting things as they hit us and letting them roll off of us.
for 2006, the motto will be "ROCK IT!", taking your life by the horns and making what YOU want of it. it's your life, afterall.

because of going back to school and lots of change on the horizon that i can sense, i think it shall be quite fitting.

love yous.

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