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occasionally, i'll get songs, or certain parts of songs, that will not get out of my head for literally WEEKS. the last song to do this was the bridge? i can't think through my caffeine headache for the correct terminology. but the bridge of Ezra's "King of New Orleans" would go through my head CONSTANTLY:

Any way you look
Any way you talk it over
It's easier
To let it slip out of your mind

But it rips your heart out
Then it kicks your head in
Would you give him one more chance
To try and see the beauty in his world

All the way in on my hands
In on my feet and shoulders
Gonna make
Twenty dollars before the weekends over

So set him up
Then let him fall
Turn him over in your hands
God save the king of New Orleans

noooow, though, for FREAKING WEEKS, it's been maroon 5's "harder to breathe":

lyrics here.

song here!
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