Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

hilarity ensues when you put a collar with a bell on a full-grown cat that has never experienced such a thing. we gaffawed as bacci would get distracted by something and move.. and then suddenly look underneath her and all around, trying to discern where the sound was coming from. then she would get sidetracked and look around for something else to do, causing her neck to jingle, and she would look down at her chest to try to figure out where the hell it was coming from. we chortled. we laughed. much mirth was had, even when later on, she would try to dig under whatever it was she was standing near in order to try to get to the bell sound. those of you that know me in real life, next time you see me, remind me to do an impersonation.

and bacci was a cutey before, but for some reason, adding a little jingle bell to her makes me almost die of cuteness overdose whenever she prances through the house. i was blessed with having a cat that ended up being TINY when full-grown. it's like i permanently have a large kitten around the house.

brrr, i'm cold. my sore throat and i are NOT looking forward to having to go outside in the - SURPRISE! - rain and wind. grah. so much math homework to do.

oh, and for those of you that i was talking about hanging with on friday? it's actually THURSDAY afternoon that i'm off. and sunday. would either of those days work well for you three? unfortunately, my voice is non-existent, so singing would most likely not be much of an option, but i still want to SEE yous. text me and lemme know.

i actually went CLOTHES shopping yesterday at target, something i NEVER do. i bought 3 shirts on clearance and *giggle* FIVE pairs of clearance socks. um, for those of you that wish to get me something for my birthday in march *shameless plug*, Target has just about every pair of groovy socks on clearance for like a buck and a half. i am addicted to striped socks. i don't know how or why this addiction occurred, but i cannot seem to get over the fabulousness of socks, especially ODD ones.

in other news, someone stole my other umbrella - the sturdy one that does NOT turn inside out - from work. methinks i shall leave a note saying something along the lines of 'well, i know it's been soggy outside, and i understand if you needed to borrow my umbrella - however, please keep in mind that i'm a professional pedestrian, so such belongings are very important to me. please return post-haste, with no questions asked.'

but for now, i'm off. yes, yes, my rocker, but i meant i'm off to prealgebra. poo poo on 7 am.
Tags: bacci, socks, work

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