Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so, we all know the aubster put on weight this year, hm? at my thinnest this year (read: january), i wore a size 36 B bra. as i gradually became larger and larger, i wore the same bras, stretching them out to whatever size.

when i went to buy a couple of them on sat with annette, i tried on a 38 C. that sucka was the most freaking comfortable bra i had ever felt in my life.

i bought two, and another that has the strap that you can wear 5 ways or whatever to go with my periwinkle dress ;)

i put one of them on today to wear for the first time, putting a shirt over them for the first time.


it looks like i freaking stuffed my bra. and since this bra LIFTS them, they point out and resemble much like the bras of the 50's did, where the pointier and more forward, the better, cept without a point at the end that could gouge some poor saps eye out if he got too close.

i mean, i always knew i was endowed, but GEEESH! and i know that my weight will drop, now that i can't eat sugar. it's inevitable. so, um, can i say a little prayer to the Powers that Be to leave my boobies where they lie, and just take the rest of the flab off of me?!?!? please?

lol - and i can't stop STARING at them *dies laughing* as if my coworkers weren't perplexed about me enough >:)

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