Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

one more pointless post before scrambling off to work late AGAIN.

- TMI note to self: when your feet are soaking wet and you go buy new socks for the sake of having dry feet, make sure that you do NOT just roll up the old soppy socks and toss them into the bag, close the bag, and toss them into the corner. now ALL of my new socks smell like corn chips. (hooray for target clearance, i got me lots of $3 socks for 75 cents! woo! *dances like a monkay*)

- in reading someone's profile whom i've hung out with before, i saw that he stated he was 5'8". now, i remember CLEARLY towering over this guy, in my 5'7" frame. so i laughed heartily and belted loudly into the quiet apartment "ha ha! five eight, my ASS!" i laughed even harder when i realized that had anyone actually BEEN here, they would have been startled when i started screaming "FIVE ATE MY ASS! FIVE ATE MY ASS!"

- oatmeal? happy early birthday, hun. if it weren't for a) working late, b) no transportation c) having the plague, i would SO be at your karaoke shindig this evening. i hope that it's a wonderful one! you certainly deserve it.

and now i need to put on my chippy socks and shuffle to work before i'm late (again).

as for hair? i give up. i think i'm just going to start wearing it how it is when i wake up. wee, doggie, i'm sexeh.

and to give you an idea as to how hairless i really AM, i provide you with this icon. i have never once in my life plucked my eyebrows. at thirty, they are finally growing IN.

it also seems my legs have male pattern baldness. the older i get, the more sparse the fields become, if you catch my drift.

ooh, and while we're giving out tmi... i need to remember to take the REGULAR - not sugar free - cough drops to work with me today. when yancey asked if i wanted a ride home, i wanted to respond "are you sure? i seem to have a motorboat in my heiny."

yes, yes, WORK! ahoy. it's ad-setting time! *ugh*
Tags: tmi

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