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first and foremost

THANK YOU FOR THE LOVERLY BIRTHDAY GIFT, wallbrat!!! ha ha, i almost originally typed GIRthday gift, which i suppose would be proper, anyhoo, as it was a fance-ay zim t-shirt that says "DESTROY EVERYTHING!" ha ha ha. and by birthday gift, i really mean Christmas gift.

i need a 3 page essay displaying CAUSE AND EFFECT. i must quote two references, all that i can find on the internet can count as only one. the other must be from books or a personal interview (chah, right, as IF i have time for an interview. i can't even meet friends for coffee!!)

quick. gimme a topic. kthx.

i must have REALLY been out of it on friday in english class. i distinctly heard him say 'read the essay on page 448 for a discussion on monday'. unkay, it's read. i even reread it a couple of times to find hidden meanings behind things. you can imagine my massive consternation (not to mention the massive deer-in-headlights expression that whomped over my face) when Professor Winkler said at the beginning of class "okay, class. turn in your homework."

what? the. fuck.

apparently i missed the part where he said 'and do blahdiblah questions at the end.' i so very much hate rejection, so it TERRIFIES me to know that i have to talk to him after class one of these days and BEG to make up one - or all - of the assignments that i've missed so far. i know that i've missed one in class writing assignment from when i was striken with The Plague, and then the one from today from when i was striken with The Stupidity. the third was a 2nd draft for my first essay, which i can't turn in because of... well, i already got the final essay back. i got a 90 on it. i lost points because The Stupidity also prevented me from realizing that stuff in college is actually double spaced. doy.

also have two chapters of math to get done between now and next tuesday. mmmm. math. (to be said the same way that you would say "mmmm dentist" or "mmmm public urination") i was going to skip out of my math class again tomorrow so that i can make sure to get plenty of rest and effectively keep The Plague at bay. but, alas, i have me some BRAAAAINstormin' to do for english class, and if i don't have that 3 hours of downtime between math and english, i will so not do my homework.

funny how that works. i still manage to shirk homework in college... as in work at HOME. i'll type up and print out what i need to, sure, but since i have six hours or so total between classes and classes and work (you following me here?), there generally IS no need for HOMEhomework.

aaand now that i've thoroughly bored you to tears with my (non)exploits in college, i shall trounce off to bed so that i can be to the bus stop *looks at clock* six hours from right now.

fersher, yeah.
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