Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

okee, the topic for cause/effect has been chosen:

the effect on children negative AND positive, for them being brought up in a drug-filled household.

yes, yes, i know that initially you think that there can be NO positive aspects of it. for the most part, i agree. and i'm not saying that you should smoke pot and draw your kids into your scene. not at all. i'm just saying that unfortunately this situation happens. but not every single thing that comes out of it is awful.

for example, my brother and i grew up around drugs, alcohol, etc. my childhood was odd, to say the least. i'm also certain that while there were bad aspects of it, that my childhood was not nearly as awful as some others who grew up in the same general situation. i'm certain that there are parts of me that are stronger today because of everything that i have gone through.

gah, i shouldn't be trying to convey this schtuff after eating a full meal and being tired. my articulation is not the best this evening. so please, no flaming.

and what i would like from YOU, my dearests, is if you have a moment in the next.. oh... day or two or few, give or take depending upon exactly where i will be in the essay writing phase, if you could shoot me an email at aubkabob@comcast.net. please tell me about any experience in your childhood - if applicable - where your parents were involved in drugs. please include what you learned from the experience and good and bad memories. i mean, don't drudge up awful memories just to help me with my homework. but if you have some insight as to things that i could include in my essay, please email them to me. i'm very curious as to how my drug-filled childhood/teenagehood compares with others.

something totally unrelated... usually, with colds, your nose runs and you lack solid boogers for quite some time. usually, you know you're getting better because you start GETTING solid matter in your nostrils again. for some really weird reason, this cold is causing my nose to create these evil stalactites that are sharp, angry, and hella uncomfortable. it's to the point where i'm afraid that if i sniff with too much strength, that i'll slice open my brain.

and bacci is being a real sweetheart this evening. if she was a human child, i would wonder what she was up to.

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