Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

this time next week, i will be lying splayed and drooling, in a deep deep slumber, on my friend's couch in sandy eggo. *wistful sigh*

it was one year ago today that i was in a car accident, being rear ended en route to work the monday before the cruise. although that one came out fine (barely a scratch on Tristan (my jeep) and a kinked neck and getting $650 in damages in check form when i got back), i'm still being overly cautious. my first cruise, it was a week and a half before that i was in a car accident... that one HORRENDOUS, that totalled my intrepid and could most likely still be credited as thee most traumatizing time i have ever had in my life. my second cruise, i found out i was hypoglycemic 3 days before i left (didn't change my eating habits, any, and i ended up being PSY-CHO over a stupid goth boy i had hooked up with.)... so, maybe my 'trauma' before this trip is that i'm having blood sugar problems again? hopefully that's all?

okay... shuttin up now..

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