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QUICK!!!! i need a topic for my next essay, due in 2 1/2 weeks, four pages, not including sources cited (and i need four of those.) must be on comparison/contrast.

had thought about doing jordan vs. goodkind, but i haven't read goodkind's books since 1847, and it seems like i have other things to do than to try to power read through howevermany trillion page goodkind's and howevermanytrillion books jordan to do an accurate comparison. (and i do think the stories are VERY similar. hrm.)

had considered doing hiroshima vs. the other japanese city that we nuked in 1945, but as i began to read up on it, it seemed like a VERY dark subject. maybe i shall still do that.

had considered doing beatles vs. elvis, but i .. really don't like elvis, and it would be difficult to be able to retain an objective view on it.

had considered doing comparisons and contrasts between the political parties from 1776. but there would be LOTS of research involved. besides, when i have i EVER been interested in politics? as IF.

zim v. ren/stimpy?
cat personalities v. dog personalities?
random general v. obscure general in the civil war?
life in phoenix v. life in portland?


tomorrow is my mid term for english. i read a 5 page essay, and he said that he's going to have us do an analysis on it from a specific stand point, which he will tell us tomorrow. also have a math test. am trying to not panic about either.

so freaking much going on outside of school, too.

mom's sick and refusing to go to the doctor. i dunno about YOU, but if i started swelling up like a balloon (namely one leg and her face), i would very quickly seek medical attention. she says that she left a message for her doctor to call her back tomorrow. pardon me, whilst i bang my forehead repeatedly on the desk.

unkay, that served no purpose, other than to confuse the cat.

went to work today to verify when i work tomorrow and see what next week's schedule is. another 17 hours. woo wee, am IIII gonna be rich. pardon me again, whilst i start making up a tally of things that i own that i can pawn off in order to make rent next month. it sucks that i'm considering taking on a second job. jerks. course, i'm sure that would add sympathy when i tell people 'yeah, i work TWO jobs and GO TO SCHOOL!'.

so sick of stressing over money. sick of stressing over family. i wish i could completely immerse myself into school, as that seems like the only thing that is making me happy lately (and making music.)

it doesn't help that since before any of this stress hit, all i want to do is sleep, and when i AM sleeping, i keep having horrible, horrible dreams. war. famine. raging storms.

so much to do... but i need a nap.

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