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here's my story, sad, but true... about a girl that i once knew...

nothing like the olympic opening ceremonies to remind you just how many countries are in the world that you either forgot about, or have never heard of. Latvia. i remember them. Nujukistan? Puppycanistan? okay, now you're just making that up! i'll bet that's a janitor from the olympic committee's office that they paraded down there waving a flag instead of a mop! i'll bet somewhere, they're snickering behind cupped hands as we all look at each other and nod seriously and say "oooh, Puppycanistan! i think my great grandmother came from there!"

hours at work are STILL being very drastically cut. ben? i have monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday off next week, if one of those days will work for you for recording. only sixteen freaking hours. i really need to get a second or different job. or at least drop my freaking taxes into the mailalthough i don't have the 2 cent stamps just so i get that freaking money sooner than later. i'm dumb. hours are cut so freaking badly.. i laughed greatly when i saw the schedule for sunday. usually, about seven or eight people work throughout the day. there's an early morning crew of one supervisor and one freight guy (chase). they leave when i come in at 10 am. yancey gets in at 2 pm. i leave at 4 pm. yancey stays until six.


granted, there's ONE supervisor (yes, yancey is technically a supervisor as well, though they keep putting off his certification, poor guy.), and i guess one manager. i don't think i have EVER seen such a freaking skeleton crew. one person? for all of OfficeMax? on a SUNDAY?!? come ON. and Yancey The Wonder Boy needs to NOT be on a register, which is where he's going to have to be when i leave. wow.

still haven't decided upon a topic for my essay. i had thought about doing nursing vs. retail working, but that relies heavily on the fact that my teacher has a sense of humor. AAAND, i'm finding it hard to find concrete USEABLE material for my sources cited. i found one registered nurse book at b&n, and nothing that could even remotely be used for retail. maybe customer service for dummies? the more i think about comparisons i would make (something along the lines of nurses taking height and weight and blood pressure, and retail workers taking height and width of the inside of a honda civic that the customer wishes to cram 4 six-foot bookshelves into, and then judge their blood pressure when they either cannot fit it, or rip the inside lining of their car trying...) the more i think i should seriously scrap the idea and do something.. else.

but i want it to be RIVITING! i want it to be something no one else in my class is doing! (last time, 4 other students in my small class was doing drugs. an ESSAY on drugs, that is. not sure how many were ON drugs.) and i need it to be something that i can find 3 GOOD books about, something that i could actually use as a reference. (so no MAD magazine, sorry.)

my tootsies are cold.

the more i'm in school, the more i want to be known for than just my chosen career path. i want to be a Nurse, a Musician, AAAND a Writer! take THAT! *smacksmack*

but for right now, i would like to just be known as Caffeineated, Warm, and Fed.
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