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had a dream that i suprise visited my father, who was living in new orleans in my dream. he lived on the edge of downtown, where you could sit on your back porch and hear all these amazing jazz musicians play. i was saddened to hear only silence. so i went for a walk in one direction, and saw only huts that were still flooded. i remember watching sadly as waves crashed in around the huts, slopping up the sides as it would churn in and out from the sea (in my dream, new orleans was on the sea.)

i decided then to go on a walk with my friends to a place where i used to have a lot of fun, on a boardwalk sort of thing. i weaved up and down these different streets, into and out of different restaurants and malls. i remarked to the people i was with that i was amazed i could so easily remember the way, as it had been so long. i came to where i would be able to look down on the amusement park....

and all i saw was destruction.

a giant lake had filled the area where a long boarded walk would take you to the small amusement park. the amusement park itself was half destroyed by the floods, the rollercoaster was only half there, with its ramps leading nowhere and leaning precariously as if it would just take a strong wind to knock it over. i cried and cried in my dream. not only for the destruction, but also because my heart was absolutely shattered at losing something that had meant so much to me in my youth.

upon waking and writing this, i remembered that i had dreamed about the same small, secluded amusement park on the beach before. i had been there before opening, or they had been closed for repairs or something. i remember standing outside on the boarded sidewalk and sitting on benches along the way, waiting for someone or something.

other dreams that i have had lately have been sad and disturbing. dreams of being sucked up in tornados and killed. dreams of war, of impending doom.
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