Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Woke up this morning to mentally prepare myself for the horrible day ahead.

All i felt is paaaaain.

Freaking ovaries. Could I be bleeding TOMORROW? Of course not. Murphy's Law would rather have me bleeding and cramping to Kingdom Come (and back!) during a day where IIII am the only one working. A manager and I until 12. A manager, a supervisor, and I until 2. A manager and two supervisors until i get off at four. (and how much you wanna bet I'll not be clocking out then?) Hrm. I certainly hope there's a lunch in there somewhere. Apparently....apparently, I have no idea as to how I was going to finish that sentence, as I typed "apparently" then ran around to get my breakfast and charge my phone.

Need coffee.

I was quite the cranky ass bitch last night at work, something that I rarely am. I seriously threw a tantrum because a guy who hardly spoke English wouldn't take his three cents in change, thusly making my register off. After yelling a demanding "PLEASE!" at the guy and slamming the three pennies down onto my register to only pick them up again and chuck them hard onto the furniture pad, I growled "they THINK they're doing you a FAVOR." as another customer walked up. I was immediately given permission to take my lunch immediately after that guy left.

I wasn't the only one that was freaking out for whatever reason, though. Mild mannered Yancey said that the majority of his customers pissed him off, which is extremely rare for him. I overheard one group of people making fun of his name, Yancey's "Customer Service Toned Laugh" responding loudly after. If you know me in real life and think of it, remind me, and I'll be happy to repeat it for you. Some people have a customer service voice, Yancey has a laugh.

Pardon me whilst I down my breakfast, chew a fistful of Ibuprofin, and head to work.

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