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I can't remember all of my dreams last night, other than one horrifying one. Okay, for you women, you know how when you are on your period, how your blood can come out very clotty and has a rubbery consistency? (those of you that wear tampons instead of Other may not be quite aware of it as us other women...) Anyhow. in my dream, I had something in my throat that felt like phlegm (I'm sure you already see where this is going....). I reached back into my throat and felt something that felt like Jell-o wigglers at the back of my tongue. I looked into the mirror, and when I opened my mouth, my throat was filled with tons of giant, dark red, oozing blood clots. I tried reaching them with my fingers, but my fingers kept slipping off of them, and I couldn't get a good grip in order to pull them out. Meanwhile, I was beginning to choke on them, as it felt as if they were slowly sliding down my throat. I finally got a good grip and was able to pull them out, piece by piece. Each piece I pulled out, I examined closely in fascination.


On anything, really. Doesn't have to be the dream.

Oops, I really should be leaving right about now. But no shoes are on my feet, and no gel is in my hair. I really need to crochet me a hat so that I can just slap it on during days like this. I have some yarn I bought myself for Christmas that would mostly match the lovely scarf that 0vary gave me. By the way, dear, I get compliments on it all the time. I also oddly do for my purse, though, which is a pathetic little thing. As raygunzero told me at nitelite's birthday party, "it's as if it were something that was once roadkill, but that you were creative enough to put it to another use."

and just out of curiosity... do you remember how we met? (not greg and i, sillies, but me and YOU.)

Grah, don't want to leave the house today. Had made a giant post to MySpace, but I hit a random button (Self Destruct, apparently) and it disappeared.
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