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actually went to my math class today, as there was a quiz. during the quiz, the professor snuck up to me and asked if i was here for the last big exam, and if so, what i got. i opened my folder and pointed gleefully to the 100%. i thought he almost patted me on the back.

realized right after i got there, however, that i had totally forgotten to print out my final copy for essay #3, so i knew that i would have to come ALLLL THE WAY HOOOME, a 20 minute bus ride, a 25 minute walk, plus however long to wait for the bus. crap.

so that's why i'm here.

stuffed myself on day old bread, instant coffee, and an episode of Alias. i am a queen.

a text to faetal earlier:

aubrey: whaa? where did all this ice come from?
andrea: my soul.

i woke up to a world that was magically transformed to 25 degrees and covered in a sheen of ICE. if i had realized this before, i may have worn my skid free shoes, but nooOOOooo. so i shuffled my way down Andresen in a hurry to catch the bus.

i KNOW that i won't do as well on this essay as i did the last one, as my teacher admonished that he almost NEVER in his entire career has given 100%'s on essays, but i'm still hoping for an A. there were certain aspects of it that he said wasn't overly clear, but i don't have time/patience to deal with it.
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