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answers to the poll i posted this morning. last night. whenever. go ask me a question - ANYTHING!! - and i shall answer it in a future post.


imnotbob - because you're a dirty little monkey.

aubbieincognito - certainly not, but I may trade it in for a nice Nerf bat.

fop_tarts - hell, i'd mix those two and put it on just about anything. Except meatloaf. and maybe sushi. but only maybe.

kabandra - ugh, this changes all the time. The top of my favorites include The Last Unicorn, The Princess Bride, Dogma, Spaceballs... depends upon my mood. as for the other, i think falling rates reeeeally high up there - even just falling off of a curb. whenever i walk near a curb, my stomach lurches horribly. i'm constantly freaking out about falling. and to keep it a bit less self-centered, the idea of something sinister happening to someone i fiercely care for.

fozebare - NEITHER! a solid C. more than a handful is a waste, really.

belenen - as soon as i get time off school AND have money. it WILL happen one day, i promise!

i will answer more when i get home from school. i must .. um.. defecate before i have to leave soonly for my trek back to school. drop a coupla kids off at da pool, yanno?

every time i hear this song, i think fondly back on when ferris_dabler hosted karaoke at the place we all hung out. he loved the song and dared me to learn it in a very short amount of time. so i studied furiously and came back and sang my little heart out.

i sometimes miss those days greatly, but i wouldn't give up where i am at now for the world.

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