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pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

oh, and in case you were wondering, because i hadn't put it in the post asking YOUS to tell me what you were going to school and in what format:

i'm taking 10 credits now, and will be taking 10 credits for spring, but that's mainly because i had only applied for part time for financial aid. we're on a quarter schedule. starting in the summer, though, i shall be trying to take at LEAST 15 credits a pop, so that i'm not in college for the remainder of my adult life. i am studying to become an RN. (for many reasons, none of which i feel like going into at the moment.) i also work at OfficeMax, anywhere from 15 hours a week to 35 hours a week. i almost NEVER work less than 25 hours a week, though. the last 3 weeks were an exception as our hours were MAJORLY cut.

it pleased me to see that i'm getting 34 hours again next week, so i can actually work on getting caught up on the bills that i had fallen behind on while investing monies into my first quarter back at school. in looking at the schedule, only 4 of us got over 30 hours, which makes me feel loved to be among the 'elite'. i haven't really worked with jeff that much, but knowing how good both yancey and liz are, i know that at least they WANT me to be there. otherwise, i'm assuming i would have gotten 25 hours or less like anyone else.

and if i weren't so poor, and if school wasn't in a down time, i still might throw a fit at working THAT much. mid march will be a different story, though, because of finals.


i suppose i really should wash out this hair color, as it's been in there for over an hour now. woops.

do NOT want to work today. blergh. got a message from them trying to call me in early.

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