Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

iiiiiiiiiiiii so very much hate to do this, i always hate these posts, but cheez, my friends list is beginning to get a bit chaotic. i don't know which of your journals you update anymore, and which are deceased. i feel bad for taking nine months to respond to comments and wish to form a closer friendship with a lot of you.

so.. um. i think that i'm going to do the annoying thing where i ask for you to pop in really quick and say 'smeep' or whatnot. i shall make three posts between now and friday, and whomever i haven't heard from...

yes, yes, these posts are dumb and seem almost like a popularity.. whatever. i just want to be able to get my list to a manageable length again. there's so much that i want to do for you guys that i just cannot... just am not able to do at the moment.

i had thought of doing filters and then adding and deleting people from filters... but i'm not THAT organized.

on the other hand, too, you could take this as an excuse to delete me. if you feel that you and i have nothing in common - i totally understand, as people grow apart at times. so even if you have kept me on your friends list for years just out of habit but feel that you no longer have anything to say to me, take this as an opportunity to delete me from your friends list. i understand. maybe further down the road we will cross each others paths again? maybeso.

so.. um... *meekly* say hullo or ooga if you would like to remain.


oh, and p.s. - if i have any of your defunct older or other journals as a friend, let me know to delete those, too, unkay? :)


it sounds like there's a crazed goblin upstairs, but i think it's just daniel.

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