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may i direct you to post a response in this post if you would like to continue to 'hang out with me', if you haven't done so already.

so many things i want to accomplish, and NONE of them involve school or work today. bleh.

QUICK! i need a topic for my next essay. it's ARGUMENT AND PERSUASION. i know that you all like to argue *wink* so i'm certain that you will have no problems with helping me find a topic that i'm passionate enough about to be able to write one helluvan impressive FIVE page essay on, and that i will be able to EASILY find information to back up my argument in books found at barnes & noble. i have to have it picked out enough to be able to brainstorm on tomorrow in class.

edit: i think i'm going to play hooky from english today. i THINK we're just having an in-class discussion anyway, and i've only missed two other days the whole quarter, back when i had contracted the plague in mid january.

besides, i'm already late for the bus AND haven't read the story that i was supposed to read, that i had planned on reading before class.

so there.


Feb. 28th, 2006 11:42 pm (UTC)
Why religious views should not dictate what is acceptable in society, even if it breaches human rights and child cruelty - eg circumcision :)

That's sure to flare up arguments, I've had several in my LJ alone, and been de-friended for it too! :) (Some people fall back on religion and accept it despite what facts tell them - even if they're hypocritical about it (oh it's cruel to do it to girls, but it's okay for guys...er.. yeah.. right)


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