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yes, yes, my dried up rock star days are officially over, i am officially off of haitus and on my way to singing and playing again, woo! as you all may or may not know, I have been working with scrumbles to lay down some background vocals for his upcoming album, Evil Genius. He hath 'splained to me that he would absolutely adore having me around full time musically, to be part of his beloved Electric Doormat. This, you see, is a GIANT honor to me, as it's been his solo effort for forever and ever, and to be thought worthy enough to be brought in permanently to a solo effort? i'm still blushing.

what will i be doing in the band, you ask? well, i have a rudimentary knowledge of guitar, bass, and piano, (and singing, of course) and will be doing a bit of each in order to fill out where i'm needed for whichever song we're playing. official title? Helpatarian and Finder of Things. Says me.

so, um yeah. this is my official pimpage for all that is Doormat. you can check out the official website and join the forums there (and hear some music!), and definitely definitely add the myspace to your friends list. on myspace, you can hear some other tracks, as well as two that feature my background vocals ("Millions Die" and "Loss of Life").

I will, of course, update you all on our happenings as they occur! Certainly some open mics in our future...

p.s. - if you like what you hear, feel free to pimp out to anyone! tee hee hee.
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