Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

birthday in 6 days, woo!

anyone want to do anything? thought about karaoke at mojo's, if they still have it. don't want to get DRUNK, though. i'm done with DUH-rinking. at least, for a good while. text me if you want to go, if there's a desire, and maybe something will get set up.


school's almost over. i don't have to go tomorrow if i don't want to, so methinks i shall stay home and sleep in. tomorrow night will find me working until 11 pm, wednesday morning will find me in math and english finals starting at 7 am, and finishing at 2 pm, and then working from 4 pm until 11 ish again.

but then i get some time off. woo.


nightmares. i keep having troubled dreams, though i don't know why. stress, mayhaps? the one two nights ago found a bum asking me if he could show me something (the bum i gave change to in portland, in fact.) i agreed, and as i peered over his shoulder to see what he was pointing at, he shoved me into a cage and beat me senseless. he then began a ritual of keeping me in that cage, beating me occasionally, depriving me of either food or water for great lengths of time, or depriving me of light. he would shove needles into my arm to drug me with various drugs with random effects. he hung a calendar on the wall and would change the date at weird intervals to keep me discombobulated, to keep me thinking on one hand that i had only been captive for a short time, and on the other that i had been held and tortured for an eternity. i remember one point, he brought in a bucket of mice and forced me to shove giant bamboo skewers through their anuses and out their mouths for barbecuing, that he said he would wait until they rotted to feed to me. i remember the screaming. i remember what the mice felt like as i forcibly shoved the skewer through their asses, furry and wiggling.

i remember that someone eventually came to my rescue, but at that point, i had become a vegetable. i could hear them speaking, could feel that i was on my side on rough carpet, but no longer cared enough to respond.


thank you SO much, dbaxdevilsfan for my first birthday card!! it meant so much to me!
Tags: dreams, school

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