Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

also, i'm sorry that i haven't been around much. i haven't been home for the most part except to sleep and change; what time i was up after work last night was spent on finalizing my big honking essay that was due today. i even left a giant portion of it that the teacher had HIGHLY recommended changing because i was too tired to think. He had told me that even if i completely tank the essay, that i would still get an A-. i was completely shocked that although the teacher had stated SEVERAL times in many classes and in the essay instructions that we needed a title page and a report cover, that one other student in the entire class and I happened to be the only ones that actually did it. everyone else was sent scrambling to the student store for covers. i asked if i got extra credit since i didn't have to leave, he stated that he would be much more lenient on our gradings because we actually knew how to follow directions.

When i have enough mind energy later, remind me to tell you how lovely things in math naturally worked out.

the entire reason for this post, though:

i'm screening the replies to this post. in quickly glancing at my friends list, i see that lots of things happened during my last week of INSANE-ness. talk to me. tell me what's happened in your life this last week or so, as i won't get a chance to read anything until thursday at the earliest. i worries about yous.

screening replies so that if there is something stressful happening that you don't wish for everyone else to see, that you can tell me about it knowing that it's secure. if you want your response to remain screened, please tell me so.

love and miss yous! off to work now...

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