Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

schoool's out! for! summ... well, spring break!

email just received from my math teacher:

"Final Exam...100% Total grade in Math 30...96% = A"


i also got 100% on my final essay (yes, from the teacher who says he NEVER gives 100%'s, i managed TWO of them during my quarter!!! woo!) instead of having a 'final', he had us line up ouside the room and called us in one by one to sit us down and talk to us about our essay and final grade. he told me that i was one of the best writers that he had seen in a very long time, and that he is going to sorely miss having me as a student. i slipped him a thank you card saying that he was a total inspiration and to thank him for rekindling my passion for writing. he wants to eventually be able to teach english 102, so since i only have 9729384372948 prereqs left, i shall just bide my time for awhile for 102 and take that a bit later, just in case...

today begins my mini vacation for my birthday, woooo!

and thank you, my dear leighblack, for my 2nd official birthday card!

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