Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

wowee zowee, my life has suddenly turned into this massive whirlwind. i feel like i don't have time to breathe...

... and it's only been 3 days.

lessee. to bore you with lists:

monday, school early to find classes (forgot my list at home), leave house at 830, to catch 9 am bus.
school until 130.
ride bus to mall (1/2 hour)
stand in line at wells fargo to get out money for books (1/2 hour)
walk 20 min to van plaza to pick up hair bleach, eat a low carb shake at boppin bo's, and grab some nutrition bars from gnc
walk to check cashing place to get free money order for rent
come home (20 min walk)
power nap (1 hour)
improv class from 730 to 930.. lasts until after 10.

tuesday, wake up at 8, leave house at 830 so that i can get there early and pick up books
have mild heart attack when i see that there are no used ones left and i have to buy new books packaged only with tons of study guides, flow charts, etc. that i will never use
class until 1
bus ride to barnes & noble, where i sit until 330
work until 11pm

wednesday, leave house at 9, class until 1
bus to b&n, where i sit for 1 hour and CRAM math homework in a panic
work until 11pm

so.. to make a short story LONG-ger than it needs to be, i have been home pretty much literally just to eat, poop, and sleep. work in the fact that i've been trying (shyly) like mad to promote the album, and have madly convinced myself that i desperately need to teach myself ASL (american sign language) RIGHT THIS INSTANT...

i'm pooped. my brain is fried, LOLZ.

i feel like i haven't seen you, my pretties, in oh so long. have any questions for me? thoughts? dreams? desires?

ooh, and the KTMA eps of mst3k will soon be mine, oh yes. they will be MIIIINE. i hope.

picked up a hunnerd pack of dvd+r's at omx today, khypermedia is discontinued, so i got them for $19, which is $40 off. i can handle that. i just need a freaking cd holder to hold the suckers.

also discovered today that i have only 10 minutes between my finals, on june 12th. egads, and i want to take how many classes next quarter?

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