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i have my improv class tonight, but in order to get there, i have to brave the portland public transit system for the very first time.

i'm so freaking terrified that i feel ill.

i'm certain that once i'm in the process of doing it, that everything shall be fiiiiine, but the part that terrifies me... well, ONE of the parts, is that, for example, it says get off on x and y street. (but with real names, of course.) um.. i know NOTHING about portland, so how on earth am i going to be able to tell that x and y street is coming? i can't see SHIT in the dark!!

the other thing that scares the beJEEbus out of me is the fact that i'll be riding it by myself until 11 pm, finishing in a HORRIBLE section of vancouver, and i don't know at this point if i can get picked up from there, and the vancouver busses stop at 930.

can we say "holy mugging victim, Batman?" i thought we could.

stupid jerk anxieties, anyhow.

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