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hrm. what to talk about, what to talk about.

as some of you got in my texting frenzy yesterday, one thing i love about college is the RANDOMness you don't run into outside. for example, as i arrived on campus yesterday, the first thing i saw was a giant yellow chicken pushing cases of water on a dolly. i went to my first class and then to the cafe for lunch. as i'm sitting there, an older woman (50's? 60's?) came up to me, leaned close and hissed at me "THE NORWALK VIRUS IS COMING TO VANCOUVER AND IS HITTING MAINLY YOUNG PEOPLE, BEWAAAAARE!!!" according to her, a) i'm still considered 'young' in her eyes, and b) i can only battle this by eating LOTS of salsa.

very first thing i did when i walked out the front door to go to school yesterday was to immediately drop my beloved mp3 player on the cement. it shattered into many pieces, which i -thankfully- was able to put back together easily, but... *sob* whenever you turn it on.. you see, something in the inner mechanics shifted when i hurled it at the concrete, causing the down button to be permanently pressed on the volume. i turn it on, get a couple of seconds of music, until it finishes turning itself all the way down. weelllll, crap. i was angry that i had done a $50 fumble, but kept trying to console myself with the fact that i've had the thing for a year and a half, so have most likely gotten a good money's worth out of it, anyway.

so i go to target between school and work, as i about went INSANE without music for my transit (did i fail to mention that before i dropped it, that britney spears' 'oops i did it again' had been going through my head? yeah. talk about DOUBLE evil.) to see if they have something that fits my wishes: i prefer it to take an SD card, as i have a 512 with music on it from my old one and would never use that much space on my camera, and i prefer it to be $50 ish as well. there was one on clearance for $45 (the pinkest thing i have ever seen in my life), one for $69. i ended up getting the cheaper one, crack it open... the thing weighs about as much as a freaking paperclip. it also seems to have channeled its sound system through a tin can, it's that craptastic. fine, whatever, i shall make due until thursday, and i'll go exchange it for the other one.

one of my very first actions this morning? yup, to hurl it to the cement, as well, this time outside of the Shell station where i get my coffee every morning. anyone in hearing distance would have heard a resounding "CRUD!" reverberating across the parking lot, as that's apparently what i shout whenever i drop something expensive. other than a slight chip on its side, the Pink Player o DOOm was unscathed.... however, i tore MY headphones (i had changed to my own headphones because it helps it to sound not so tin canny.) just enough that in order to hear out of both ears, i would have to hold the cord just so and not move it... ever.

so freaking much to do, so little time. i need to make my brain book for psych. i have a giant math test on friday and so much homework that needs to be done before then that is due before the test. i have singing and guitaring to be practicing. i really should bleach my hair. and clean my room. and my desk. and if i can miraculously locate my target giftcards before then, i will have the $25 in gc's that i can use for my upgrade.

a nap would be good, too.

p.s. - you should stroke my ego and add "electric doormat" to your interests.

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