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for those of you that DIDN'T know, back in august of 2000, i was in a massive car accident. well, i guess i shouldn't say 'massive', as i only spent the evening in the hospital, though my car was totaled and i had massive physical and emotional injuries from it.

basically, four friends and i were on our way to the movies, i missed my turn, turned around, and came back through the intersection when a woman ran a red light and i t-boned her going about 40 mph, and was rear-ended by a truck that had been tailgating me through the light. the light had turned yellow as i entered into the intersection. i was an idiot on paying my bills and didn't have insurance at the time. unfortunately, she was not cited at the scene, which caused almost a two year court battle to get my car paid off and all of my medical taken care of.

what i still find amazing and actually wonderful - i was the only person in the car that was wearing a seatbelt, and i had the worst injuries. i don't know what i would freaking have done if i would have accidentally killed my three best friends and a girl i had met 10 minutes before (though the girl, Christina, broke her toe when her foot slipped under the driver's seat and her toe hit something metal there.)

to side track a bit, i spiraled into a horrible depression after that, and seriously thought i was losing my mind because of the emotional issues i was having (as i explained it to my friend leesa, i felt "like i'm drifting out to sea, and all my friends are on the shore, waving me back, but i've forgotten how to swim...) - i became insanely paranoid and stopped answering the phone and door. my paranoia became so fierce that i would almost feel ill and want to hide if someone would knock on my door. it was during the doctoring and testing from the accident that they discovered i had suffered from SEVERE low blood sugar for quite some time, and that it had been elevated by the sudden physical and emotional trauma i had experienced. interesting how blood sugar problems, if not rectified, can totally screw with your emotions, your personality. i ended up eating better to correct my issue and became 'sane' again, which was right around the time that i had started livejournal (feb 2001).

aaaaaaaaaaanyhoo, making a short story long once again....

what brought this up was white_daisies stating that she couldn't stand to watch the VW commercials where they're involved in a collision. i stated in response that it gave me the major willies, too. that also made me think of something:

i wonder if, whenever that woman sees that commercial, every single time she sees it, she thinks of me?
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