Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

because i love doing these posts to bore you as i amuse myself...

what i was doing in the past, on this very day!!!

last year found me repiercing my ears, helping daniel move, and getting my first article published.

2004 found me HATING livejournal - i had to go days out from this date in history in order to find a post.

2003 found my realization that i had accidentally NOT moved what i needed with me up here (i had been here for a week at this point) and the original time that i came across everyone's FAVORITE period picture.

2002 found me watching Steve turn over custody of Blue to Donovan and musing about how livejournal was starting to mean a lot to me

2001 found me sharing disturbing dreams with my brother and running into strange, cackling men at the circle k.

wow, am i glad that my journal writing skills have seemed to improve since then. my writing style 5 years ago ANNOYS. i sound SOOOO high schoolian. i shall use my high schoolian icon to display this.

i also shall go to bed and wake up freakishly early tomorrow to do my paper instead of doing it tonight, which would be smart.

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