Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

a nice relaxed day, although i felt as tired and weak as a 5 year old boy with mono. no matter what i did, i just couldn't wake up or get with the program. think i did aiight on the math test - i ended up gettinga 98% on the psych test that i was convinced i had BOMBED, and -again- would have gotten a hunnerd, but i changed an answer at the last moment. had finished my math homework a day ahead of schedule (for the first time this entire QUARTER), so i pretty much went to work and just... hung out and did a test.

'twas a good mail day, received a free t-shirt from Java, Garden State via Netflix, and a letter that may or may not mean that i have a $1100 check waiting for me at school. grr... couldn't i have gotten THAT letter yesterday? now i have to wait until monday to figure out if clark randomly decided to give me extra monies for this (and last) quarter.

keep dreaming of moving, of going through my belongings and being horribly, horribly, behind. i so very much hate those dreams, as the last time i had them repeatedly, i moved here. not that moving here was hideous - i still say it was one of theeeee best decisions i ever made, but sheesh, it was stressful. also had a dream recently where i was a taxidermist and spent my entire slumbernight playing with animal bits and pieces of carcasses.

i'm HONGRAY, but i'm thinking the idea of sleep will win this battle.
Tags: dreams, school

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