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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Electric Doormat got to play with our new drummer for the first time yesterday, woooooooo! fantastic experience, i cannot wait to get my REAL guitar, and to hear the band fully, either with two guitars and corey the bass guy, or with ben on guitar and me on bass. fanfreakingtastic. so, yes, we officially have a drummer now, Mike. he's freaking PHENOMENAL. (Just, um.. don't ask to see his i.d...)

i DID get the grant money!!! i'm a smidge under $1200 richer today, which is going towards mommy (she doesn't know yet, shhhh), kitty fixins, and geetar schtuff and mic.

slightly alarmed because i can't seem to hear as well out of my left ear. maybe i'm getting a sinus infection again, which would certainly 'splain the lethargy i've been feeling as well as the face pressure. think i'll go to the free clinic tomorrow and get it checked out, as well as my right tonsil, which has been grotesquely swollen for... oh..... *counts* ... five.... YEARS. i'm surprisingly not exaggerating on this one, either, folks. well, maybe it's been more like four.

my improv 101 classes are almost over, which makes me sad. i shall miss the dynamic that is action aubrey, loopy larrissa, sally, suzanne, kite-flying chris, dreadful david, i don't know what i'm doing taio, mixed-up max, mattie, ben, lorie, andy, jane, sally joe, groovy gwen, julie, muscular mark, aaaand, holy crap, who am i forgetting? i think my brain is still fried from last night's activities: we played a game where first, we had to go up and do a quick scene, the person in the first line would pitch the idea to the person in the second line, and they would have to react accordingly, i.e. "i found a shamrock!" "let's put it in your hair!". the second round, we had to do four lines, i.e. "i'm SO glad summer vacation is coming!" "me, too, i can't wait!" "i'm going to be out in the sun the whole time!" "i bought new shorts!"

then came the HARD part... we had to do it in REVERSE - the person in the first line would have to provide the last sentence in the dialogue, and the person in the other line would have to respond with what came before. my two favorite examples:

david: "max, language like that here at Starbucks is an HR violation!"
max: "we have small coffees, medium coffees, and large coffees!"


julie: "shhh! you're going to get us fired!!!"
suzanne: "I'M STEALING PENCILS!! I'M STEALING PENCILS!! *hophophop*"

we then had to do it in four line dialogues, which was UNBELIEVABLY hard. so sorry i can't think of any examples. i really need to learn to relax in those classes, as i noticed last night that i tend to go in violently determined to succeed, instead of relaxing and just taking what comes. after the monday 101 classes are over, i can start attending wednesday night classes with scrumbles. schweet.

and watching the test video of Optimus Prime transforming for the live action movie gets my insides all asquee and my nostalgia buttons atwitter. Thanks, grinningskull...
Tags: doormat, health, improv

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