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yesterday was a good day for the most part. i learned a lot in band practice, and had my last improv 101 class (hee hee, i originally typed 'pimprov'). we all hung out a teensy bit afterwards and bonded, and all vowed to be there wednesdays for the new improved class with Herb. some of my favorites of the night (though it may end up being a 'you had to be there' type thing, i want this for MY memory, dagnabbit...)

herb: isn't the parade wonderful?
larrissa: yeah, the gays gheys look lovely this time of year (or something to that effect)
(giant scene followed involving a Pride parade with conversation as to whether or not the elephants and horses were gay, too. the instructor, Pat, would walk by the stage slowly, waving as if he was in a parade, first as a VERY feminine male, then as a Hell's Angel, then as a cowboy)
larrissa: oh, look, it's george w. bush!
herb: yes! looks like everyone's coming today!!!
(class then erupted into massive laughter, though that was TOTALLY not what he had meant...)

- ben's initiated scene with the bodily fluid collecting company with julie
- max's initiated scene with with him the father, ben the son, urging to get a job and get out of his basement. ben retorting with the fact he can only become a grave digger, and he's been waiting to practice on max so he could bury him and take his house.
Max: you're going to what?
Ben: well, i'm not going to KILL you, just bury you in the basement.
This scene included one of my favorite lines all night: max, strugging to remember on stage what it's called where people are buried: but there's a grave house down the road, aren't they hiring?

i can't think of any others right now, but i haven't had my coffee.

i had two initiated scenes:

- i was a farmer, Pat my worker. he was too lazy to do anything but stand there and talk about how much he wanted lunch, while i frantically tried to get him to milk the cow for me (which turned out to be a bull) Kristen hopped up to help (as another lazy person), and i guided her to milk the cow, but she kept trying to yoink the tail instead.

- andy came into my 'room', and i pointed to him evilly and said "YOOOOOOOOOOOOU." i loved watching him fall RIGHT into character in response to my 'anger', although he had no idea what was coming next. "yes. it is me." "okay, Red Bandit. i accept your offer to settle all differences between our clans.... with a DANCE OFF!"

(we circle each other angrily on the stage)
andy: i shall do THIS! *white boy dance moves*
me: i shall SEE your clever move, and raise you with THIS! *does the robot*
andy: then i shall hit you with THIS!! *grabs his foot behind him and yoinks it back and forth while hopping*
me: *shaking head sadly* i ... don't think you could hit me with that. *dances around*
andy: your hips are so fluid and supple!
me: i learned by watching Shakira videos!
we finished by agreeing to join our clans: the Red Bandits and the Black Mambas.
and then everybody laughed and i won.

... well, not WON, won, but i consider every time i make someone laugh a win :)

i had PLANNED on getting up uber early to go to school and catch up on math homework, but i didn't make it. now i'm sitting here, eating leftover shrimp gumbo that is 50,000 degrees (in spices, not temperature). something tells me that my digestive system isn't going to enjoy my spicy eatingness this soon before noon.
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