Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i can tell that it's the end of the quarter, because i find myself making more and more excuses as to why it's TOTALLY logical for me to stay home from school.


last night's improv class was fun, though about half the size it was when people had paid $180 to get into an eight week course, instead of $5 for a single night. note for myself as to who was there: loopy larrissa, action aubrey, kite-flying chris, mixed up max, julie, sallie, suzanne, mattie, lorie. (oh how i wish i could rememember what they had put in front of their names that first day! i shall have to ask them...) my favorite game was Freeze Tag, where two people started and did a scene from a suggestion in the audience (i blurted out "BLUEBERRY FARM!"... curse random things that just pop into my head...). when the scene felt like it was done, Herb (our instructor) would yell "FREEZE!" the people in the scene would have to stop completely still, motions and everything, then the next person in line would have to peek at them - their stance and facial expression - and then tap them out. once they had taken their place EXACTLY, they would have to start a whole new scene from that particular stance. for example, larrissa and julie were working on the blueberry farm. when Herb yelled to freeze, they were both crouched down, picking blueberries. chris and max took their place, and chris instantly changed the scene into kneeling at an altar during a sermon. the game went on awhile and ended when mattie and i got into place of someone moving objects around, and i started the scene by changing my stance into doing the robot and remarking what a fantastic 80's party this was.

gah, i love those classes. i can't imagine being in Herb or Pat's shoes and actually being paid to go do this all the dang time. be paid (presumably) good money to go play GAMES with other adults? schyeah! sign me up, yo!

something tells me that jessie or daniel (probably jessie) left two cans of soda in the freezer and forgotted about them. hrm. could it be the two 'sploded cans? mebbe.

while i'm taking the day off, there's soooo much i want to do/get accomplished. let's see if any of it happens.

in other news, apparently whenever i eat sugar or simple carbs, it makes me violently ill. maybe i should get a blood sugar test done again. i'm sick of eating and then feeling like i'm about to pass out a half hour later. in the meantime, i shall avoid sugar and white stuff like the plague.
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