Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

thank you, aubreymcfate, for introducing me to the sushi picnic.

those crazy japanese.

maybe i shall move over there next year.

giant psych test today - i so don't wanna. going with the theme of slacking at the end of the quarter, i kept saying to myself this morning "well, i get to drop one test, and so far my lowest score is a 95%, which isn't bad, so why not just SKIP a test, so i can rightfully drop a zero?!?"

yeah, my mind isn't overly logical first thing in the morning, and my ego usually loses out to my id, if i don't watch it carefully.

ha ha, psychology joke.

edit: well, poop. the way i study for my tests is to - the morning of the test - take the study guide she gave us and go through and answer all the questions with definitions, etc., frantically writing everything down. although i wasn't there for half of the lectures last test, this technique still scored me 100%, and then two 98%'s before that. I ... seem... to have lost my study guide, or sort of accidentally forgot to pick it up. whiiiiich means that i've missed 2 full days of lectures and have NO idea what parts of the book will actually be tested on. Looks like i'm going to earn that suck grade to drop, anyway.

p.s.s. - anyone want to add me to their friends list on netflix? aubreykaye@hotmail.com.

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