Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

the weather here is craptastic, to say the least: it rained almost constantly all day.

the result of the weather being unseasonably like this on the first day of the three day weekend, everyone decided that since they couldn't go picnic-ing, they would go SHOPPING! sheesh, i haven't seen officemax that cramped with customers since before Christmas. I find it still amazing that we never really had a giant rush of them up to the registers at once, which meant i was able to roam free.

i'm missing my good friend Jessalyn's birthday party right now because of having to work saturday nights. all the cool coworkers hang out on saturdays, but they always do it on EARLY saturdays, generally finishing with the festivities right around the time i'm getting off work. poo. receiving texts of "wish you were here!" and "no fun without aubs!" and "having a drink 4 u" SORT of helps to quell the left-outedness.

DYING to see x-men. maybe monday?

speaking of monday, i have been loudly bragging that it will be the first day all quarter that i have it off of both work AND school, and how i plan to spe

it (thanks for the hep

help typing, bacci.) how i plan to spend the entire day in my pajamas because i CAN. because of how loud my happy bragging was, i think i irked Fate: one of my coworkers ended up having a medical emergency of some kind and won't be able to work, so i may be THE ONLY HOPE!!! if i do end up being THE ONLY HOPE!!!, i will instead be working from open until close. double bleck. but i do hope that jeff is okay. (and also that joel does not flake.)

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