Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i can tell that i'm tired because i just thought "egads, i SO need to get these contacts out of my eyes!".... and realized quite a bit later that i am wearing my glasses (and have been all day.)

the 'lectric doormat concert for this weekend was called off. basically, lots of things needed to happen for this concert to be 'legal', like janatorial staff and whatnot. with all the costs added up, the faculty realized that -HOLY CRAP- there would be zero way on earth that they would even break even, let alone actually make money for the cause. i was greatly saddened by this, as everyone was working so hard to get ready for our first show, but once i talked it over with scrumbles, i felt better - this gives me a chance to relax a bit (read: do homework) instead of freaking the hell out even more than i have been.

problemo? a blessed fan in cali already purchased his tickets to come see us. so i foresee a private concert in our future ;)

i should really be doing math like a bandit now. i'm certain some bandits do math.

i thought there was all sorts of other things i wanted to tell yous, but now my brain is broken. oh, and the psych test i didn't know about that i took yesterday? a loverly 60%.

Tags: doormat, school

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