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THIS is why i wanna be a rock star when i grow up...

fuck YEAH.

i don't even know how to try to put into WORDS what just happened, how to even begin to convey the emotions.

you may have read about how we had a concert coming up and how it got canceled and how some old doormat fans had already purchased plane tickets up, so we were holding a pretend concert in Mike's (our drummer) garage. we had a quick practice before hand. everyone showed up (plus a mother and a father), and we ushered them all into the opposite corner of the garage to perch upon kitchen chairs as we did our first 'performance' together.

for the most part, things sounded very tight, other than some slight glitches here and there. most of all? it was FUN. the 'crowd' was great and enthusiastic. lots of pictures and videos were taken.

i ... got a HORRIBLE case of The Giggles about halfway through. This was NOT helped by glancing at Mike to see him jokingly stick his stick in his teeth and climb over the kit during a particularly tense guitar (but virtuously drumless) part, or when he would be striking silly poses. Ben made me giggle lots, too, with his Evil Genius expression and us glaring at each other to dare one another to get the right vocals down. The Giggles lasted for pretty much the remainder of the set.

The fans were ecstatic to meet Ben, as they've been an Electric Doormat fan since... hell, since there WAS an electric doormat. i found out that one of the three actually FLEW FROM NEW YORK in order to be at Doormat's first show ever. What threw me, though, was when i plopped down by them to chat (awkwardly, everything i do anymore is awkard, it seems), one of them turned to me excitedly and said "I LOVED THE VACANT STAIRS!" ... i was FLOORED. (for those of you that didn't know/remember, The Vacant Stairs was the old band in phoenix that ben and i had been in together, and where we met originally. we did a teeny four song demo that i didn't think anyone heard, let alone had, or LOVED.)

We then had a quick photo and autograph signing session (hee hee, i signed my autograph tonight!!), then all went to McMinneman's (sic) for dinner. The mom kept exclaiming to me how happy she is that she brought her son for this trip, and how much fun they were having, and how nice it is to meet me. we then parted ways, the three of us (ben and i and an equally ecstatic larrissa) came back to The Couve to drop me off.

my favorite autograph of them all was on a copy of Go Karts of Ft. Wayne (the first Doormat release from a coupla years ago), where ben signed something like "ben spees - rock on", i signed "aubrey k. rock aubster" and mike signed "mike byrne rocks are hard" (bassist james had to leave immediately after the show, unfortunately, so he didn't get any part in the group photos or signing or dinner.)

but um, yeah. such a fantastic freaking high, the whole thing meant so very much to me.
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