Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Hi Aubrey,
Thanks for the very nice feedback!!

You got an A+ on the last exam: 40/40 and an A grade for the class. I
really enjoyed having you in class and I hope you can take 211 from me!!

Have a great summer,


this means that i got a 4.0 in psych 101, and that i STILL have a 4.0 overall! wow, that was such a freaking relief. if i had scored below a 93% or so on the final exam, i would have totally screwed the pooch on my 4.0, all because i had come down with a case of the stupids two test in a row. (not "stupids", really, but more "absent mindeds").

just back from band practice, in case you didn't know, i'm officially THE KEYBOARD PLAYA. hee hee, that seems so... funny to me, for some reason. i always saw myself as a singer, rhythm guitarist, or bassist, as i know more about each of those than i ever did about keyboards or synth. we had an awesome photo shoot today, involving hiking down to some abandoned railroad tracks. i'm covered in scratches and dirt, but it was so worth it (i hope). James and Mike had some fun with a beat up shopping cart and the underpass. at one point, i was walking by, carrying the synth and James bass out of harms way, and ben says "careful! don't hit the keyboardist!" i stopped and gave him a funny look... looked all around me for this nebulous keyboard player....


one of my favoritest quotes from any band practice so far:

::we get done playing a song::
mike: dood, james, you kept hitting the brown note.
ben: ... brown note?
mike: a note so low on his bass, it makes you crap your pants.

mike also has thee coolest mom EVUR.

five million things to do tomorrow, and i so don't wanna.

p.s. - i never thought i would be known on a first name basis as a shopper at guitar center.
Tags: doormat, school

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