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weeeellllll, there. i'm a happy little monkey this morning. i had only had about a week and a half-ish off between spring and summer quarter (which starts day after tomorrow - eek!), and had read the academic calendar as releasing me from Summer Hell only two weeks before Autumnal Awesomeness starts, thusly not giving me any time off whatsoever until december. during our Yule month, i would get almost the entire month off - WEEE!

however, in more closely looking at my schedule and the academic calendar (which is good to do for the first time less than 48 hours before i'm set to be there).... classes actually END on august 17th, and do not return until - dun dun Da DUNNNN - september 18th! wooo!

i only need to get through the next eight weeks of Sheer Terror in order to have an entire MONTH off from using my brain!!

unfortunately, i think my printer may have fried its last brain cells, as it's suddenly either grabbing too much paper, or eating the paper it does grab. hrm. maybe a 24 lb instead of a 20?

i SO don't want to work today, and i so hope that today/tonight goes as smoothly as planned. we shall see. OH YES, we shall seeeee.

sorry about my messy house.

disclaimer: i keep whining about going full time this summer, but in reality, 'full time' doesn't start until 7/10, which is when my chem class starts. in the mean time, i shall still have medical vocab on mondays and wednesdays at 8, and math 095 at ... 1130? 7/10 is when my No Break Hell truly begins, with a 2 hour vocab class, a 10 min break, a 2 hour chem class, a 5 min 'break' (read: racing for class), and an hour and a half algebra class.


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Jun. 24th, 2006 06:57 pm (UTC)
Try cleaning the printer with canned air. Sometimes that helps.

Printers are el-cheapo now though, at least.

Ink is still uber expensive.
Jun. 25th, 2006 05:19 am (UTC)
Try spraying a paper towel with Windex and rubbing it on the rubber dealies that grab the paper. It's a trick I learned in high school to fix the crappy DeskWriter 500s they had.
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