Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

in my dungeon:

there is an alter to drjayphd. I prayed to him. i felt blessed.
I go south.
In the next room, on the floor lies a shield of alildragonlover.
I equip it.
In the next room, soulresilience the Dragon is there. (79 HP)
because i'm a weenie with just 70 hp and no weapon, i go somewhere else.
I pick up a Figurine of houseshadow.
In a cold chamber, I pick up and equip the Sword of kabandra.
In the next room, gimpeh the Minotaur stands. (68 hp)
I still chicken out.

In the next room, griffxx the Floating Eye guards the door. (13 hp)
I'm feeling a bit cocky, so I ATTACK! the jerk had only 4 gold pieces on him.
mirrors_broken the leprachaun stands before me! (6 hp)
she robs me! but i kill her back.
panick_attack the Kobold guards the door! (32 hp)
whisperingmaia the floating eye stands before me! but she is now dead, too.
in the hand of a dead adventurer, i find a scroll marked "MARC BLUCAS".
praying to eternitywaiting gives me 10 extra hp. I R UBAR.
wiccanpain the Dragon is in the next room. I attack, and she dies (though i only have 5 hp left!)
and then...

and THEN...

I died in the Dungeon of Aubkabob

I was killed in an abandoned corridor by Blinkilite the zombie, whilst carrying...

the Shield of Alildragonlover, a Figurine of Houseshadow, the Sword of Kabandra and 83 gold pieces.

Score: 66

Explore the Dungeon of Aubkabob and try to beat this score,
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i raced to get up this morning, and now realize that i got up TOO early.

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