Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

today was a baaad day for math in the realm of the 'kabob.

i set my alarm for 4 am so that i could get up early and go to school to hurry and do my algebra homework before it was due. after hitting the sleeper for 2 1/2 hours (sorry, roommates), i finally made it to school with a whopping half hour to go before my terminology class. gah, it was moved! aph? where on God's green earth is aph?!? i left the usual classroom area to walk all the way back to gaiser hall to find a map. halfway to the hall, i realized that i hadn't looked at what ROOM in aph i was to be in, just that it was in aph. i made it back to the classroom at the same moment that one of my classmates was noticing the room change, and she walked with me to Anna Palhuni... Palinini... Palahooihoo... AP Hall. She's my new best friend.

after class (and after hearing from New Best Friend that her and everyone she knows failed Math 095 the first few times they took it), i raced to the cafeteria to do my homework. i pulled everything out of my four thousand pound backpack lovingly and arranged it Just So.... when i realized that my list of problems i had to do was, of course, sitting right here on my desk at home. rawk.

so i turned in my very first major assignment only half done with a scribbled 'sorry i'm a dumbass' note on the bottom. we get to drop the worst homework score (thank doodness). i just didn't think i would need to do the VERY FIRST ONE. pooh.

Learner Louis then told us that we can earn extra credit by doing problems on the board! i race up and scrawl my factorization of a presumably easy problem. Jerkhead behind me says "um.. Louis... can i get credit if i write a ... righter answer?" 'twas a bad day for math. i just love that i was able to display this to my entire class. (granted, if i had done my HOMEwork.... *cough*)

anyhoo. i'm off work for the next three days, and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. i'm going on another fanatical nerdy craving run of SG-1 (3/4 the way through season one - weee!), so methinks i shall watch an episode and call it a night.

andrea? i'm so coming over tomorrow in pajamas. cuz i CAN, that's why.


and because i can (and because someone made it for me), i shall use the icon that was made of me when i was 17 and completely doped up on the couch after my carpal tunnel surgery. i am THE SEX. hee hee. i'm also the JAIL BAIT in that picture. funny, but i was young once!

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