Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so i woke up very early this morning to do homework. (i would have done it last night before bed, but i had to try out my new DS-lite to make sure that it worked properly... of course.) my cycle of homework today so far:

- do two problems.
- think of something i've been meaning to look up online.
- dink awhile (i get sidetracked very easily)
- do two problems.
- remember i need to make a post in a certain forum.
- dink awhile (i get sidetracked very easily)
- do two problems
- need more coffee
- get myself motivated to do more coffee by dinking online

at this rate, i will SO be done with homework by thursday! hooray!
unfortunately, it's all due on MONDAY. poo-ray.

i am so tanking this quarter already, and it's only the end of week 2.

yes, yes, i got a DS-lite yesterday. (wow, my typing sucks today - first, it was yeasterday, then yestarday...) bought used versions of Lufia, Super Mario 3 (the one where he's a raccoon!), and Wario Ware. promptly came home and started working on Final Fantasy I, instead. fun! i just got my airship and rat's tail and upgraded to my new classes yay for me!

back to the next two problems. if i never see another polynomial after this class, it will be too soon.

edit: i just caught myself postponing my math homework so i could imdb the cast from dawson's creek. why. WHYYY? I never even really ever watched that show, why would i have a burning need to find out Where Are They Now?!? sheesh.
Tags: games, school

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