Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

conversation at work:

aubrey: want me to take your telxon back up with mine?
yancey: oh, i hadn't realized you had one.
aubrey: actually, i don't. i pulled this signage out of my ass.
yancey: aah, i see, you're influenced by the nicaraguan drug ring, carrying things around in your ass!
aubrey: thaaat's right!
yancey: you learn well! if they can smuggle drugs around, you can carry things, too!
aubrey: except i'm trying to put a more positive spin on things, instead of drugs, i try to carry more practical things in my ass.
yancey: oh?
aubrey: yeah, like a flashlight! ya never know when you might need one!

aaah, the ways my coworkers and i entertain ourselves.

yay for working at 8 am tomorrow. all the other coworkers, for the most part, are going to cosmic bowling. as i see it, i don't want to spend money on BOWLING, and i have awful wrists, anyway. my hand is all funky and cramped up, which angers me, as it's my synth playin' hand.

jess and daniel made my day when they showed up to work with armloads of food for my lunch. we picnic'ed on the pavement between officemax and petsmart, it was splendid.

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