Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

ugh, i'm stuffed up like a whore on.... um... not cold medication. i think that there's a cold just lurking around the corner, i keep losing my voice at night and have Sinus Pressure O Doom. not to mention that i have that NIFTY freaking trick that i have nowadays to where if the left side of my face has any sinus pressure at all, i lose a good deal of hearing in my left ear.


loverly gelatinous cuisine at Happy Family Chinese (with a name like that and a $4.25 combo platter, where can you go wrong? let's hope i don't find out tomorrow.) with faetal. i miss her. silly life. came across a wonderful package from talkingpotato that apparently arrived like a week ago. IT'S SO ADORABLE AND IT SMELLS SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. holy mackeral, woman, it's like you plucked my ideal scent right out of the freaking air, it's so gorgeous!

dreams. whoo! last night, i dreamed that Eddie Izzard and i were riding on swings on a bus that was driving past a carnival. he kept making these outlandish gestures about the ferris wheel, and when i looked, it was thee biggest ferris wheel i had ever seen. i was too scared to ride it, i was. we got to our destination, and i realized that i was running late for meeting up with imnotbob, and i was excited yet terribly nervous, and had known that our meeting was well overdue. so Eddie and i took a nap. i woke up at 6 pm, freaking out because i was supposed to be there at 6 am. instead of leaving, though, i went into the bathroom, where God was giving my friend Jessalyn a shoulder rub. he explained to me as he did this (Jessalyn didn't know he was there, but i could see that he was a short balding man with white hair and a big nose) that it's best to not neglect the shoulders, as there's important liquidy tissue in there that helps to keep things lubricated. if you neglect the shoulders, then the liquid pools together, causing knots.

as i turned to leave, God said:

"hey, you have great legs!"

me: ... what?
God: you have some really great legs!
me: ... i beg to differ, i'm sorry. (in RL, my thighs have always been my sorespot.)
God: well, let me just say that there's excellent POTENTIAL (he said with a sly wink.)
me: potential?
God: yes! it's not all over yet. just a little bit of work, and you will have the most beautiful legs!
me: that's good to hear!

as i turned around to leave, a thought occured to me.

me: God, what about my knees?
God: oh, honey, your knees are shot.

..... interesting. there was also some weird underlying plot that God was wagging his finger at Eddie Izzard for being too cunning.

oh, something funny to note, too: i woke up at 645 am, when i had set my alarm for 4 am... ooooor, was it pm?

yup, i set my alarm for 4 pm. schweet.
Tags: dreams

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