Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

still out for the count today. ugh. i was frustrated at first, thinking OH MY GAW, this is the busiest time for me! but, really. i can afford to miss my classes this week (so i'm telling myself). it would be much worse if i had this during midterm week (next week), or if our august 5th show was still going on.

but in the meantime, i shall sit here with my overgrown head and sniffle and croak and play WoW.

i'm so amazed that thing even runs on my sad little computer, but it does! when i went to install it, even, it LAUGHED. said it was too slow, but if i want to try to install it anyway....

Lothar server. Night elf druid. Meladriel, or something like that. i can't remember, it was game generated. i also so want to make me an undead wench, too, maybe i'll do that today.

to further prove how OUT of it i am, i made my coffee this morning and put my creamer and splenda and dash of sugar free raspberry syrup in it..... and came VERY dangerously close to drinking that mixture before putting the actual coffee in the mug. yum.

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