Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

yaaaay! our song, We're Not Quite Lining Up, is doing awesome tawesome on garageband.com! give it a listen. check it out, yo.

spent the first half of the day literally wrapped around the toilet. holy schneikies, it was that aweful. i had felt awful for not leaving the house to go on important errands (read: school and band practice) for the last two days, but once what i have hit full force? whoo-wee-doggie.

i woke up in great great pain, and called in sick to work. i started my coffee and got as far as a slight sprinkle of splenda, when i had to race into the bathroom and plant myself on the floor in The Position. after awhile in there, i realized i truly needed to go lie down, which is when i realized that i had completely drenched myself in sweat and had turned a lovely shade of white/yellow/clear. i made it as far as upstairs... aaaaand had to turn into the bathroom instead of my bedroom. whenever i would actually make it into my bed, i would lie there for not even a full 60 seconds before having to get up and shuffle VERY swiftly to the bathroom again. spent the next two hours in 100 degree weather and no air conditioner completely under the covers and shivering and FUHREEZING.

bad joo joo bees.

still am struck dumb, too, by sinus stuff, and still sound croaky. this will not do.

i don't know why i'm even still up right now, i cannot miss work tomorrow.

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